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Samba Blue Ocean | Hit the Road: Subic 2021 (Part 2)

Destination: Samba Blue Ocean, Zambales

Travel dates: March 10-12, 2021

Duration: 2 days 1 night


Harbour Point Mall

Drove about 3 and half kilometer from Samba Blue Ocean after paying for our accommodation. Open stores and restaurant aren't handful. So we had our lunch at SNR. It's the first time I tried their chicken wings, which is already in their menu last year though. We still have an hour before we can settle in our room so we walked around the mall. My boyfriend decided to go for some groceries (again). I headed to get some mug for our coffee, cause resort isn't providing any (safety precautions, of course). When I went back to meet him, he asked me if I have his bag. As far as we remember, he left it in the pushcart. Goosebumps started to crawl around my skin. I looked where the pushcart was, found it filled with groceries but no bag was there. I roamed inside the grocery running twice with the pushcart before me! I looked at everyone if they have the brown leather bag which contains all the money and car keys and receipt of our accommodation! I was in sort of panic but wasn't hysterical. :)) A crew walked towards me and told me that my boyfriend is at the customer service area claiming the bag. Alert security staff found it unattended so he decided to keep it safe. GAHD! Someone saved us from walking for days to get home! When I went to ask for the name of the staff, simply to thank him or send a feedback/recommendation for him, two ladies refused to divulge information. Privacy concerns according to them. Well, that was the end of it. But I tried to reach the management through their Facebook page, well still, never heard from them.

Ten points, panic!

Samba Blue Ocean

Before we checked-in, we had to make sure that the beach is well-maintained. We don't want to repeat the same issue. The child in me walked on the sands without my slippers. HAH! Without ten steps, I can feel my toasted feet already! I was too excited to walk on the sands without thinking that it's noon. You can see the vast stretch of the beach and the island nearby. The view, the beach, warm cozy ambiance of set ups, APPROVED!

Confirming our stay at the front desk, they refused to accept our BDJ and NAVI coupons because the management advised them. We were supposed to get 50% off from their offer for overnight stay. Well, pandemic reasons. On the other hand, isn't it already pandemic when they agreed to collaborate with Viviamo? Although I already emailed Viviamo, Inc. regarding this matter, I haven't received a response yet (as per posting).

Navi Planner 2021

From Nipa, to glamping, to private villas, there's a handful of accommodation to choose from. Ranging from Php1,500 to Php3,500 depending on your choice.

Samba Blue Ocean | Accomodation
Samba Blue Ocean | Accomodation

A common toilet and bath, mini-canteen, and grill area are provided for the guests.

What made our stay special were Sea Stars (group of starfish) that sways along the current. Swam there for hours and tried catching some. It's actually my first time to see one alive! Its tentacles are moving like feet of a caterpillar, only wet. When my boyfriend passed it on my hand, I literally shouted! But immediately apologize to other guests who are having a good time around us! The child in us played in the water with Sea Stars for hours. Here, we really enjoyed what we drove miles for: the perks of the sea.

Grab food delivery

There's a mini-canteen for guests to dine in the resort. But there's no more food for supper anymore. Thanks to Grab app and a little stable data connection, we booked our fast-food dinner. It arrived within 20mins. So we still have a long night to stay at the beach.

Last Hurrah!

Just like past few days, we started with morning workout and sunrise by the beach. Spent the few hours before going home again with some Sea Stars for the last time.

Samba Blue Ocean | Sunrise

Road Back Home

Yet again, another adventure. I'm now a sitting-pretty passenger taking photos and videos along. My handsome boyfriend is now behind the wheels and I'm free to eat, drink, and do whatever.

Upon entering Subic Freeport nearing Dapitan Ave., an SBMA (Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority) hailed us and was about to issue a violation ticket. Although we were carefully crossing the road. Told us we should have stopped at the intersection. "First to Stop, First to Go" rule is strictly implemented. Meaning, you have to be in full stop and let other cars from other direction take turns.

It is STRICTLY implemented. We were about to receive a ticket which we have to settle before reaching SCTEx. Good thing, the police gave us a warning after us explaining that we're already short on budget. 😜 Before we part, he gave a warning that we have to be sensitive as there are a few more intersections ahead. We took it sincerely and apologize for what happened.

The road to home is near. We were next to van on the inner side of the road. Van took its turn and we were unsure should we follow so we went slowly. Another SBMA showed up and raised both of his hands signaling us to stop so we did. Then, called us towards the roadside. We already have an idea how to handle the situation (which happened a few minutes before). Compliments for the SBMA who are doing their jobs real well!

That pretty much sums up our Pandemic Period Travels. For other details of our travel, continue browsing.

Let's keep praying for a better travel and life opportunities ahead.

Should you have queries regarding this post, kindly send me an email at Hope to hear from you!

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Travel dates: March 10-12, 2021

Duration: 3 days 2 nights


Budget allocation:

Details of Expenses

  • Gas

42 Liters

Unleaded Gas

  • Toll

NLEx-SCTEx Php 493

SCTEx-NLEx Php 493

  • Food (Budget allocation for food depends on your consumption)

Groceries and Snacks Php 2000

Lunch | SNR, Harbour Point Mall Php 600

Grab food Delivery Php 600

Dinner for 2 | Playa Papagayo Php 900

Stop Over Meal Php 460

  • Accommodation

Overnight Stay |Subic Grand Seas Php 1,600

Overnight stay | Samba Blue Ocean Php 2,700 Samba Villa Php 2,200

Deposit (refundable upon checkout) Php 500

Total: 10,746

Contact Details:

Samba Blue Ocean

P6 National Highway, Upper Kalaklan,Olongapo 2200, Zambales

+63995 459 8849 | +63930 305 6055


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