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It’s Worth the Wait

I ate to develop habits in patiently waiting.

My father works as a seafarer since I was two years old. Ever since, I’ve kept communicating with him through long-distance calls, recording and sending voice tapes, and wrote letters (as soon as I learned how to). It takes a year or two before he comes back after leaving ashore.

My mother has been patient with me whenever I keep on asking, "When will papa come home?" and soon taught me how to count days, weeks, months and years then I learned to keep track of the date waiting for him to return.

Weeks before his arrival, our calendar will be filled with marks. And on the date itself, we usually arrive early at the airport and see the list of flights arrived. Sometimes, it takes hours of waiting because there are unexpected delays but when we see him standing on the platform, it's all worth the wait. To see him safely returned poses gladness to me. As I stand next to him, he'd ask me what I want and I can expect the most favorable gifts. I cherish the days or weeks or months of his vacation and the feeling of complete family around. On the date of his departure, the very question I sadly ask, "When will you return?" It's not easy nor that difficult to grow up with a father who has the thought of you from the other side of the time zone.

Hence, my mother doubles her effort on taking care of us and teaches us to keep a nourishing communication with our father.

They teach us to grow accordingly, be obedient, and reach our goals.

For decades, we carried it out that way. Our means of communication may have changed but the same concern remains. We keep in touch regularly when he's on board; I keep on updating hìm on my studies, my plans, and my goals while he continues working to fulfill his obligations as a parent and provide the needs of our family

Sometimes his contracts are indefinite. Meaning, he'll be board for at least six months and beyond. He just keeps us posted of updates if there's any.

Even until now, I still await for his arrival after working abroad. No matter how old I get.

The anticipation of him coming home instills delight to me. One time, I went online and read an offline message from my father telling me, "Uuwi na ako bukas. (I'm coming home tomorrow)", tomorrow--which dates at the moment I read the message. T hurried to tell my mother and we went to the airport. It was so sudden that it doesn't sync-in to my nerves. I couldn't believe that he's coming home and there's no waiting or marking the calendar or so on. We're just on the way to see him.

In this same manner, we patiently await for Christ's second coming. We belong to the End-Time when Christ is coming soon. I understood the importance of prayer as it's our way of communication with God. We have to keep our faith as we wait for his indefinite time of return. While we wait, we keep ourselves busy; we grow in faith, remain in prayer, we meditate, and do God's will. Sometimes, we may feel like we've been waiting for years, decades or more, but we never have to worry as His words reassures us of his promises. The Goodman of the House teaches us to keep watch and as we do, there are gift and ministries waiting for us to work on.

Rest assured that if we remain in the faith, we'll meet the Lord soon while we're busy doing His will. The coming of the Lord is greatly worth the wait.

Make worship our lifestyle as we wait.


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