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Subic Grand Seas | Hit the Road: Subic 2021 (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Destination: Subic Grand Seas

Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines

Total mileage(to and fro): 285KM

Travel dates: March 10-12, 2021

Duration: Overnight

This year, my boyfriend and I celebrates our 15th anniversary. Because we miss hitting the road, heaven is our limit this time. We were eyeing place somewhere in North Luzon. I decided to maximize the BDJ and NAVI Coupon 2021 since last year I wasn't able to use its perks. Our choice boiled down to Subic Grand Seas and Samba Blue Ocean, both offers good deal upon use of coupon. We'd like to make sure of our Pandemic Period celebration vacay for 3 days and 2nights.


February 2021

I called in for reservation a month before our stay. Yet, both parties were not responsive, both online and phone calls, at all. Considering this trying time, establishments are short of staff. We had to be considerate of their responses time and also, so we started to have back up plans

just in case. We wouldn't want to risk being walk-in customers with chances of getting declined upon arrival. I made sure that everything is good to go ahead of time. Good thing, the Viviamo Team were there to assist me and bridged the gap. (Search for The Bella Tribe on FB and join the group for more discussions!) As soon as Lala reached me through my e-mail, I stated in bullets all the questions I have. From travel requirements, food, accommodation concerns, and any other advice we should bring or be aware of. She attached photos of our room, informed us that their restaurant is nonoperational at the moment so we may bring our own food or have it delivered. I still have no idea what to expect for this vacation esp. on a Pandemic Period. But thanks to Lala for accommodating my queries even on weekends.

Two weeks ahead of time, our accommodation is already confirmed. My boyfriend had the car checked-up to make sure it's in condition for long drive. Everything is already packed days before. We did our businesses in advance for a clean slate vacation.

As the date comes near, I kept on monitoring the weather forecast, which basically what we should do when travelling. I know if there's anything else to prepare for or should we go for plan B in case weather becomes unfriendly.

Hit the Road

March 10

Three to four hours of travel from Metro Manila to Subic, Olongapo via NLEx-SCTEx, was an exciting part of the journey so we started on a full tank of gas. Counting 142KM of drive excites me. The road is wide and all ours. We're free to take videos and photos of the vast sky with 70's classic song hits playing. Towards the destination is my turn to drive. I miss joy rides so much! I couldn't even tell if we're over speeding at 120kph. All I know is we're having fun. The fresh air greets and welcome us with open arms.

As we enter Kalaklan Gate Security checkpoint, I rolled down my window. Patrolman simply asked if we have minors and/or senior citizens with us and checked the passengers seat. There's obviously the two of us so we weren't hold for 10 seconds long. We passed-by and continue our travel. RH5 National Highway was winding so drivers have to be extra careful.

At around 4:00PM, we reached Subic Grand Seas. Thanks to Waze for being our guide. Our destination is on our left. I didn't see it right away as entry way was narrow because of a road construction. I drove a little further and took a U-turn back to the resort.

Check-in time!

Subic Grand Seas | Rooms Exterior

I was so excited to see our room. The receptionist handed me the keycard and directed me to our room assignment. There were no staff available so we headed to the room directly. I tapped our keycard and opened the door only to find out there were still visitors checked-in, a family I think. We were both in shock because some of them were preparing to go for a swim. I apologized, closed the door and headed back to to the front desk and informed them that the room they gave us is still occupied. (How come a mistake like this happen?) The receptionist apologized for the inconvenience and quickly handles the situation. This time, a staff assisted us towards the room. It looks clean and fine. Although the inclusions were different compared to their accommodation book (which I call pre-pandemic service). Despite that, all our requests were granted! I requested for additional pillows and a hair blower. These were provided without additional fees on our account. The staff were friendly and very assisting. So we were ready staying there for two nights and three days.

Subic Grand Seas | Room Interior

Dinner at Playa Papagayo

Around 7pm we roamed around the beach seeking for a place to dine. We came to Playa Papagayo after a 10 minute beach walk. I fell in love with the ambiance right away. They receive walk-in customers and also observe the IATF Safety measures.

We had sumptuous Beef Patty with Mashed Potato on the side, and Chilli con Carne for dinner. Our total bill was Php 900 for both meals. We get what we paid for!

Excellent service and food serving which matches the ambiance of the restaurant.(5 Stars)

Playa Papagayo | Beef Patty with Mashed Potato

Simple Celebration Part 1

We were free to pour our sentiments while seated on seashore. Moonlight rays on the sea. We were hanging loose on the vast stretch of the sandy beach. Then, we exchanged letters on the cold night breeze. This is one of the peak of our moments. Love letters sent us to warm sleep. No cake or other usual stuff. Just us and nature. Nostalgic.

Sunrise and a twist

We woke up early to watch out for the sunrise. Shifting on jump ropes and doing workout routine while waiting for Mr. Sun. Warm Taho filled our tummies after the morning exercise.

Subic Grand Seas | Shore

Change of Plans

While the room is cozy and the staff were friendly, there's something that turned me off big time! Irresponsible guests leaving their trash on the beach! Probably, we didn't notice them the night before. But that morning, I felt the horror. I was about to swim only and welcomed by some garbage floating around. eww! So instead of staying there for another night, we're already considering a transfer. Around 8am, we confirmed our check-out at the front desk. Cancelled the second night. Started packing our bags, sent a message to our next accommodation. All happened real quick.

This cut short our long-planned vacation at Subic Grand Seas.

I'll post a continuation for this Subic 2021 Trip.

Watch the video highlights here:


Travel dates: March 10-12, 2021

Duration: 3 days 2 nights


Budget allocation:

Details of Expenses

  • Gas

42 Liters

Unleaded Gas

  • Toll

NLEx-SCTEx Php 493

SCTEx-NLEx Php 493

  • Food (Budget allocation for food depends on your consumption)

Groceries and Snacks Php 2000

Lunch | SNR, Harbour Point Mall Php 600

Grab food Delivery Php 600

Dinner for 2 | Playa Papagayo Php 900

Stop Over Meal Php 460

  • Accommodation

Overnight Stay |Subic Grand Seas Php 1,600

Overnight stay | Samba Blue Ocean Php 2,700 Samba Villa Php 2,200

Deposit (refundable upon checkout) Php 500

Total: 10,746

Contact Details:

Subic Grand Seas

83 National Highway, Barrio Barretto

Olongapo City 2200

+63917 844 7327 | (047) 222 8541



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