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The Miss Feet

A Passion Project that aims to publish articles that feeds one's holistic growth.

We're all good at something; we just need time and opportunity to make it work.


Year 2020, I was planning to start a vagabonding adventure. I was gifted a website to publish articles about it and try to build a community out of it. But since the lockdown lengthens and travel restrictions are observed, travelling got crossed-out of plans.

I started to embrace the power of standing on my own two feet, just like an independent and empowered woman should.

"Miss Feet"

represents the strength of self-sufficiency and resilience—a symbol of women who confidently stride forward in pursuit of their dreams and stands on her own two feet.

Second, it's a subtle nod to "Misfit." Like most millenials, I'm a career-shifter, boldly navigating the twists and turns of life, determined to make the most of our unique skills and potential.


Finally, "Miss Feet" is a whisper of "Missionary's Feet."

As a Christian, my love for meditating on the wisdom of the Bible is at the heart of this platform. Through "The Miss Feet," I'm sharing meditative insights and spiritual journey with our cherished subscribers.

Whether you're seeking personal empowerment, navigating career transitions, or looking for spiritual inspiration, may you find "The Miss Feet" to be your sanctuary—a place where you can grow, learn, and walk your own path with grace and purpose.


Join us on this extraordinary journey, where we embrace our independence, celebrate our uniqueness, and meditate on the wisdom that guides our souls.

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