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Road Trip Travel Tips

  • Start on Full Tank

Don't presume there'll be a gas station along the road. Also, have your tires, engine, and oil checked.

  • Unload the Bladder Baggage

-There's always no chance for you a stop-over and unzip your pants. Empty it as soon as there's a toilet. Avoid drinking coffee and be friends with your bladder.

  • Driving shifts

-Assign driving shifts. Just in case the other one gets tired or feel sleepy, let somebody take over. take turns by being careful to enjoy the road trip

  • Prepare a road-trip playlist

Song adds sentiments to our memories. Make sure to play the best ones and that the whole company enjoys. Whenever those songs play in the future, your brain will reminisce the times spent on the road.

  • Immortalize the moment.

Stop if you can where and whenever it's safe and take photos and videos as souvenir. You may want to post them on your SocMed accounts. It will automatically be on your notifications the following year. Don't forget to tag your friends whenever you do!


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