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Seven Reasons Why I Use Paper Planner in Digital Era.

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Focusing on the physical planner makes me more productive because I can see my progress instead of just focusing on the digital space. Digital space takes a lot of my energy to simply focus. Although gadgets are no doubt helpful for multi-tasking, I find paper planner more beneficial for my productivity and holistic development as an individual.

1. Creativity

Because I'm not digitally connected, my creativity gets a boost. It also helps me to organize my thoughts and gives me some peace from all the distractions when I’m on digital.

2. I love to doodle/write

I prefer the physical sensation of writing things down on paper, rather than using a keyboard or touchscreen, which is more similar to writing on a screen. I tried using digital planners before and while they are useful for tracking deadlines and tasks, I felt like they were missing something. They never captured my creativity quite the same way as the paper planner do.

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than the sound of turning the page on a paper planner. It's more natural and satisfying to use pen and paper. With a paper planner, I can write notes and plan without worrying about battery life or data charges.

3. Less Screen Exposure

Paper planners are more durable than screens. I find that a paper planner offers a break from my screen-based life. I can still see what is going on around me and it feels less isolating. When I am using my phone, I feel like I am constantly interrupted with notifications and messages coming in from friends, family, or work colleagues which can make it hard for me to focus.

4. Enhance my memory

I use paper planners instead of digital planners because they help me remember things better. It allows me to take notes with my own handwriting, and helps me construct thoughts without distractions from my phone. With paper planners for my personal life as well as work projects, it helps me with budgeting my time better.

5. Keeps me from distraction

I personally find that a paper planner helps me be more creative and to focus on the things that are important to me. Although I can turn my focus or airplane mode on, having a paper planner is a good way to get organized and also get rid of distractions which helps keep me productive all day long! When I carry paper planners, I don't have my phone or laptop with me unless I need to check on something. That allows me to focus more on what I am doing.

6. Organize my thoughts well.

It helps me make a connection with myself and my thoughts. I am reminded of my “Why” power which helps me draw the path to my goal and handle things better.

7. Self-expression.

Using paper planners soothes and calms me down to feel like I am in control of things again. Having to pour your thoughts and ideas using pen and paper seem to putting these thoughts and ideas to life gradually.

I have been using a paper planner for the past 12 years and I can attest to the fact that it has helped me keep track of my life. It has helped me stay organized and helped me focus on a goal or project that I am focusing on.

Some people might say that it is not "cool" to use a paper planner, but I think it does more than just allow people to take a pause in this noisy world.


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