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9 Things To Accomplish Before 8am

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I shift from night owl to morning person from time to time. I see to it that mornings are filled with activities that excites me so I wake up and get up inspired. You may find my schedule a little bit odd but this is the schedule that works for me. Yes, it has been a constant struggle for me to get up since I'm a night owl. But I found inspiration to cut my deep sleep.

Every minute counts for me as I am training my mind and body to be more efficient. Thanks to tips I got from Nir Eyal, Mindvalley, helping me to be "Indistractable". By integrating small but powerful habits into your morning routine, you’ll soon experience a happier, less stressful, more organized day – one that aligns with the overall life you want to be living.

May you find something in my morning system useful in yours too. Here we go.


1. Stretch and make bed.

I wake up at four o'clock in the morning. Do a little stretch on the bed and get up. Plump my pillows and bring the dogs out to empty their bladder.


2. Planner Time

I sit on my writing table to make time reviewing the things I intend to do for the day. It's my way of focusing my mind to what I need to pay attention to. With instrumental music playing in the background my mind gets more focused.


3. Morning Devotion and Prayer

We used to go to church to attend daily morning devotion this early. I grew up having parents bringing us to church as early as 4am for us to meditate, kneel down and pray with the congregation.

But since this pandemic began, church attendees were from limited to none at all. Thank God, it was made available through online gatherings where I can still attend with the comfort of my place. Although there are disadvantages with this kind of set up and that I can play it in my mobile phone, I strive to get up and out of the bed to open my laptop and sit and meditate along than simply listening.

After morning devotion, the church prays together in one spirit. Link is made available through:______

I'd invite you to like and subscribe to get updated to the online church service. You may watch and pray with us wherever you are in the world. You may also opt to replay the video of the services if you weren't able to catch it LIVE. :)


4. Reading and Coffee Time

It's usually around this time that I finish praying and I would a lot around 15-30 minutes to read a chapter of an inspirational book while sipping my morning drink. Coffee that is.<3


5. Water Plants

6. Take-off hanged-dry clothes

After spending time sitting, I would go visit my plants in the terrace to water them or pull out grass. Quickly after doing my garden, I bring my laundry in and put them to the ironing/folding basket. Then I would change clothes for my daily workout. I can pretty much do this in a few minutes.


7. Workout

I follow workout routines daily from Monday to Saturday. It's good to workout with an empty stomach as my digestive system focuses on burning the stored fats leading to higher levels of fat loss which is good as I follow Keto lifestyle. After workout, I take a portion of flat bread or biscuit to drink my vitamins and food supplement.


8. 1. Bath Dogs

My dogs take bath on Mondays and Fridays every week. I have three dogs with me and I've managed to bath them fast. I don't blow dry them anymore since they don't have thick fur. Simply allotting 10 minutes for each dog would suffice. They'd wiggle before leaving the bathroom so they're a little dump. Excited that they're done with bath, I let them run around the house to dry.

8. 2. Paint or read

My body rests on Sundays so I use my workout time to continue my reading or paint.


9. Bath then Dress up for the day

I start preparing my self for a day's series of tasks by 7:30AM on Mondays and Fridays. As for other days, that's gonna be 7AM. A refreshing shower to freshen up the day after a little morning routine followed by washing the clothes I wore the day before makes my daily chores light. A good kickstart for the next series of tasks to be done in the day.

That's pretty much my daily morning routine I just shared with you!


This list came through trial-and-error. When I started to follow this "morning routine", I had different things included in the list. Every time I find something not working out in the list I would decide whether it's worth keeping or not after two or three days to reorder the system. It took me about three weeks to figure out what really works for me. Give yourself grace period to adjust. Although it's great to have it figured out on the first try.

I created a template which you can use to draft your ideal days in a week to design your own system. You can find them in the printables page!


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