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Pork Chop in Thyme

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Gain more protein for your muscle-building with this easy-to-cook home recipe! My weekly menu is filled with Ketogenic and Paleo recipes. I practice eating one-meal-a-day (or as my body needs to, depending on the day's workload).

Sharing you this healthy sumptuous recipe I got to experiment out of cravings. I figured this recipe out year 2019 after rummaging what's left in the fridge and in the pantry. Thank goodness it simply turned delicious. This is my go-to meal from time to time. Ingredients can be easily found in your nearest grocery or market!


Pork Chops in Thymes



1tbsp Himalayan Salt (or you may use iodized salt instead)

1tbsp Crushed Black Pepper

11/2 tbsp Dried Thyme leaves

1 kg pork chops (makes 8-10 cuts)

1 medium Lemon


  1. Mix himalayan salt, pepper, and thyme leaves

  2. Extract lemon juice

  3. Soak pork chop in lemon extract. Transfer to a dry plate.

  4. Season porkchop with the dry mixture. Apply to each cuts.

  5. Leave marinade for at least 30 mins letting the pork absorb the flavor.


  • Heat pan in low flame.

  • Cook with butter until golden brown.

  • Plate the meat and serve hot.

I like eating this recipe with lettuce on the side partnered with chilled soda water.

Ideal Serving Size: 2 cuts

Makes 3-5 servings




Pork Chops Php 375

Thyme Leaves Php 150/kg

Php 20/10g

Lemon Php 100/4pcs

Himalayan Salt Php 70/200g

Pepper Php 50/100g

*Budget may differ depending on the market's selling price. Posted is the May 2021 market price.




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